Saturday, March 05, 2005

Contact List

Hey, hope that everyone is doing fine.
I'm currently trying to sort out the contact list which will be sent out very shortly, however there are just one or two items that are missing which if you could email me with asap i would be really grateful for.
Angelo, I'm missing your telephone number, and Alastair doesn't appear to have it either
Paula I'm missing your email address
That's all, if I don't get these soon don't worry I'll email a copy around anyway and then just phone or email these two and send you an amended copy a little later.
If anyone has any questons that they wish to ask as regards the set, the tour, or anything else you think that I may be usefull for do not hesitate to do so. Or if I have got any of your information wrong - or if you do not recieve the information any time soon (in which case i have probably gotten your email wrong) then once again send me an email, and i will amend it asap.
Russell Clark


Blogger Angelo said...

Alrighty my information should be sent. If theres anything else, lemmi know.

5 March 2005 at 16:46  

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