Monday, February 21, 2005

Early meetings

-Just to remind you all that in the next three weeks I am trying to contact you all to arrange a meeting in which I can show you a drafted contract and provisional script and to start discussing the characters and play in detail. It is important that you come to these meetings with some of your own ideas and thoughts on both the play and character- so do re read the play and I would advise you all watch Gosford Park and other Edwardian dramas. It is vital that we ground this Elizabethan drama in the Edwardian era, a historical and socio-economic understanding of this era is essential. There is a wealth of information on the internet and of course in libraries; the 'Edwardian Country House' was a channel 4 programme that aired a few years ago in which people were transported back into the 19oo's to take on the various roles in Mandeston Country House- if you could track this down it would I feel be an invaluable resource.


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